Making Sense of Gains and Losses in Mutual Funds

Mark Kutzke By | On July 24, 2015

Driving in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area can be confusing. West St. Paul, for example, is actually south of the city, while North St. Paul is more towards the northeast. And the road labels can be just as bad. With all the construction and road closings that have been going on this summer, navigating across […]

Emergency Funds: Preparing For The Unexpected

Chris McKern By | On July 17, 2015

You’ve probably heard how important it is to establish and maintain an emergency fund. Unfortunately, most people don’t fully realize this until a money emergency is upon them. Are you financially prepared for a leaky roof? How about a broken-down car? If you lost your job, how long would you be able to support yourself […]

Morningstar Conference 2015

Dan Kutzke By | On July 8, 2015

Brad, Bryan, Mike, Mark and I attended the Morningstar Investment Conference from June 24-26 in Chicago.  It is an annual conference where we have the chance to talk with over 180 different mutual fund companies and listen to some of the top investment managers in the industry.  It is a time when we can get […]