The Basics of Credit Scores and Credit Reports

Andy Lucking By | On July 26, 2018

As consumers, we know that having a good credit score is important. Whether you are applying for a loan or signing up for a credit card, your credit score plays a major role in determining if you will be approved. Your credit score can also have a significant impact on loan terms and borrowing costs. […]

Understanding Risk

Mark Kutzke By | On July 19, 2018

What you probably already know about risk Even though you might never have thought about the subject, you’re probably already familiar with many kinds of risk from life experiences. For example, it makes sense that a scandal or lawsuit that involves a particular company will likely cause a drop in the price of that company’s […]

2018 Midyear Outlook: Will the Economy and Markets Keep Growing?

The PKA Team By | On July 16, 2018

After the performance we saw last year, we had high hopes for the economy and markets in 2018, but the first half of the year was disappointing. Expectations softened as the stock market pulled back early in the year, economic growth slowed, and risks—largely in trade—rose. As we hit midyear, though, those initial hopes appear […]

Sudden Wealth

Dan Kutzke By | On July 13, 2018

What would you do with an extra $10,000? Maybe you’d pay off some debt, get rid of some college loans, or take a much-needed vacation. What if you suddenly had an extra million or 10 million or more? Now that you’ve come into a windfall, you have some issues to deal with. You’ll need to […]

Market Update for the Quarter Ending June 30, 2018

The PKA Team By | On July 6, 2018

Volatile June caps off eventful quarter June was a volatile month, with earlier gains offset by later losses. Still, both the S&P 500 Index and the Nasdaq Composite ended the month in positive territory. The S&P 500 rose 0.62 percent during the month, while the Nasdaq led the way with a gain of 0.98 percent. […]