Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage?

Dan Kutzke By | On October 24, 2017

After years of dutiful payments, you find yourself in the enviable position of having enough accumulated savings or discretionary income that you could aggressively pay down—or completely pay off—your mortgage. But should you? Are there better ways to ensure your financial security? Making the best choice for you Paying down your mortgage faster—or paying it […]

Retirement Advice Standards in the News

The PKA Team By | On April 19, 2016

You may have heard about new Department of Labor (DOL) rules that clarify the fiduciary responsibilities of advisors who work with individuals and their retirement accounts. The new regulations won’t alter the standard of integrity and care we have always offered, and we doubt you’ll notice any significant difference in the way we work together. […]

Download our Financial Guide, “Mapping your Financial Future”

Dan Kutzke By | On October 25, 2015

The achievement of wealth does not happen by accident. You don’t have to be wealthy to have a secure financial future. Like anything, it comes with hard work, attention to detail, discipline and the execution of a thoughtful plan. Many start out by trying to do it on their own, but as they begin to […]

Get the Ball Rolling … Snowball Debt Elimination

Mike Mallak By | On August 3, 2015

“I’d like to be debt-free”.  This is a goal we often hear from clients and is also one of the most satisfying goals to reach.  Between mortgages, auto loans, student debt, credit cards, etc. the list can get long and the amount can be overwhelming.  A good way to attack multiple debts is with a […]

Funding College Education

Mark Kutzke By | On April 23, 2015

College costs today have skyrocketed from what they were for many previous generations.  Costs of state schools today can run easily over $20,000 each year. Private colleges and universities usually far exceed that.  The questions that many of the people that we meet with have are: “How can I afford to send my children to […]

Where Will My Assets Go?

Mike Mallak By | On April 16, 2015

What will happen with my assets when I pass away?  This is a simple enough question but has become increasingly difficult to answer. Some may assume that “all my assets will go to my spouse” but this is not always the case. A careful review of beneficiaries, titling, legal documents and the probate process can […]

Investor 360°® Makes Tax Time Easier

Mark Kutzke By | On February 11, 2015

With April 15 on the horizon, we wanted to let you know that if you are using the popular tax software TurboTax®, Investor360°® can help save you time and aggravation by gathering and accurately inputting the investment account information you’ll need to complete your federal tax return. Take a look at this helpful brochure for […]

Year-End Financial Planning

Bryan Pratt By | On December 2, 2014

With the end of 2014 quickly approaching, it is a wonderful time to begin organizing your finances for the New Year. We’ve put together a list of important financial planning topics that warrant consideration. Flexible spending accounts Money that you’ve put away in your flexible spending accounts (FSAs) generally must be used by year-end or […]

2014 Midyear Update

Bryan Pratt By | On June 26, 2014

Economic Growth Resuming, Markets Rangebound The initial outlook for 2014 was based on an improving economy across the board. As we approach the middle of the year, despite a weather-weakened first quarter, those expectations are playing out. • After a slow first quarter, economic growth should heat back up to between 3 percent and 4 […]