Our firm works with businesses and business owners in the areas of retirement plan design and service, as well as business continuity and transition planning.


Retirement Plans:

Retirement plans can operate in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the business. Aside from where plan rules dictate, there is no specific dollar amount or employee count that determines the type of plan used – each business has its own unique dynamics that need to be considered when deciding the plan type that is most appropriate.  Our process takes into account those unique traits and reviews each aspect of the plan design to ensure the best match possible.

While we service a large number of SEP and SIMPLE Plans, our firm has extensive experience and expertise in the 401(k) plan market. We believe there are four key areas that need to be actively reviewed by business owners and plan sponsors to ensure they are meeting their fiduciary responsibilities:

  • Plan Costs
  • Investment Quality
  • Participant Tools/Resources
  • Participant Education


We actively review each of these areas with our 401(k) clients to ensure their plans remain extremely competitive and to minimize their liability as plan sponsors. While some areas will always remain the responsibility of plan sponsors, we handle as many details as possible so that our business clients can focus on running their business. We continually monitor plan costs and investment options and often meet with employees – providing education about their plan and general financial planning topics.

If you are concerned that your company’s plan is too expensive, or that it simply is not receiving the attention it deserves, please contact us. We would be happy to review the plan details and see if improvements can be made.


Business Planning:

Business continuity and transition planning are an incredibly important, but often overlooked, aspect of running a business. We help to map out strategies and take steps to implement those plans. Similar to our personal financial planning process, we work in conjunction with your accountant and attorney to ensure all details are taken into account and the necessary documents are put in place.


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