Insurance and the protection it provides can be an integral part of personal financial planning and a strategic tool in business planning.

We believe that insurance is a tool to be utilized when there is a need, not a product to be sold to everyone who walks through the door. We help determine if and where insurance fits into your overall financial picture. From there, we seek out the most appropriate and cost effective insurance products to use.

Because we view insurance as a compliment to the planning process, we offer only those types of insurance that directly integrate with personal and business financial plans: life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care. While we are well-versed in other types of insurance (property & casualty, business liability, etc.); we will generally refer our clients to outside professionals if those products are needed.

As independent advisers, we do not represent a specific insurance company. When we have identified a need for insurance, we utilize insurance brokerage agencies and “shop around” with multiple insurance companies. Each company has different strengths and weaknesses, and finding the right match can save substantial amounts of money.

If you are unsure if additional insurance coverage is needed, please contact us. We will conduct a needs analysis and let you know our findings. From there, we will help to determine the best place to acquire that coverage – whether through benefits offered by your employer or professional association, or through an individual policy.