Back-To-School Budgeting

Chris McKern By | On September 24, 2015

When handling financial matters with a college student, parents often struggle to find the right balance between hovering over the child’s every decision and granting too much financial freedom, too soon.  Here, we’ll explore some common expenses that college students and their parents should factor into the back-to-school budget, as well as simple ways to […]

How the Fed Raises Rates

Mike Mallak By | On September 15, 2015

You’ve likely heard over the past few years that the Federal Reserve is “going to raise rates”, but what does this mean?  The Federal Reserve, or just “the Fed”, occupies a strange space in the American economy.  As the banker’s bank it is an independent entity from the federal government but is still subject to […]

Falling Market Provides An Excellent Opportunity To Buy

Mark Kutzke By | On September 1, 2015

The saying is, “what goes up, must come down” isn’t always comforting when referring to the stock market. Losing value in your 401(k), IRA’s, or other accounts many times leaves us frustrated, upset, or depressed. Hopefully if you are an investor nearer to retirement, you have your monies invested where they are less prone to […]