FAFSA Changes Coming Next October

Chris McKern By | On October 29, 2015

An executive order signed in September by President Obama changed the rules for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) beginning with the 2017-2018 school year. Families will have access to the forms earlier in the school year and will need to look back an additional year for income figures to report on the […]

Download our Financial Guide, “Mapping your Financial Future”

Dan Kutzke By | On October 25, 2015

The achievement of wealth does not happen by accident. You don’t have to be wealthy to have a secure financial future. Like anything, it comes with hard work, attention to detail, discipline and the execution of a thoughtful plan. Many start out by trying to do it on their own, but as they begin to […]

What is a “Leading Indicator”?

Dan Kutzke By | On October 22, 2015

A Leading Indicator is a measurement or statistic that can help to signal future events or activities. They can help to predict a pattern or trend, which can be valuable in planning and investing. In the world of economics, a leading indicator is used to interpret market movements to provide current or future investment opportunities. […]

Smart Cards

Mike Mallak By | On October 14, 2015

Many of you have been receiving new credit cards in the mail recently to replace the ones in your wallet.  These new cards have a handy new feature to combat fraud.  On the front of the cards is small computer chip which will slowly begin to replace the old method of swiping the magnetic strip […]

MANA Conference

Mark Kutzke By | On October 9, 2015

Last weekend Dan and I attended the Minnesota Association of Nurse Anesthetists annual conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. The nurses attending ranged from students who were still in school to members of the association who have long since retired and were just there to see what projects were being presented. Through conversations that I had […]