Mission & History


Our firm places its value in the trust and long-term relationships we form with our clients. We believe that a person’s financial well-being is too important to be left unattended. It deserves a professional – a trained expert who can incorporate all aspects of their unique situation and provide guidance. Our mission is simple: put our clients first; advise them, objectively and free from outside pressures, and be an excellent, trustworthy source of guidance.

All services of our firm will be delivered in accordance with the following standard of care:

Integrity – Provide sound advice with simplicity and purpose.
Objectivity – Provide professional services without bias.
Competence – Maintain the knowledge and expertise required to provide client services.
Fairness – Be fair and reasonable in all professional relationships.
Confidentiality – Protect the privacy of all client information.
Professionalism – Act in a manner that demonstrates exemplary conduct.
Diligence – Be dedicated and persistent to achieve positive client results.



Pratt, Kutzke & Associates, LLP was founded in 1990 by Brad Pratt and Dan Kutzke; both experienced members of the financial services industry. They sought to create an independent firm with an environment that would foster collaboration and enable us, as advisers, to utilize each other’s skills and experience for the benefit of our clients.

Since both Brad and Dan were established financial advisers in their respective communities, Brad chose to maintain an office in North Mankato, MN and Dan in Rochester, MN. In 2005, a third office was added in the Twin Cities to serve our growing metro clientele. Our firm has steadily grown, adding additional financial advisers and support professionals, as well as an office in Kasson, MN. This growth has occurred not from advertising or obtrusive sales practices, but as a result of satisfied clients and other professionals who have recognized our high standards, expertise, and exemplary service.