Finding Perspective Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Mark Kutzke By | On March 6, 2020

We recently saw one of the worst weeks in history for the stock market, followed by the best single-day rally for the Dow Jones Industrial Average in anticipation of a rate cut from the Federal Reserve (Fed). With such volatility all but assured until the coronavirus appears to be under control, it’s understandable to fear […]

Prioritizing Your Financial Health in 2020

Mark Kutzke By | On February 5, 2020

It’s that time of year when many people set goals with the hope of changing their lives in the months to come. Some may set their sights on losing a significant amount of weight or training for a marathon, while others may want to spend more time with family or other loved ones. Whatever your […]

Tips for Avoiding Common Holiday Cyberscams

Mark Kutzke By | On November 21, 2019

For many of us, the holiday season is a wonderful time of year. Unfortunately, it can be especially profitable for cybercriminals. Because of the prevalence of online shopping, we almost always see a significant increase in cyberscams during November and December. To help you avoid becoming a victim of holiday cybercrime, here are some of […]

Will Trade War Lead to More Market Volatility?

Mark Kutzke By | On August 8, 2019

On July 26, 2019, the S&P 500 peaked—but it has since dropped by almost 6 percent (as of August 3). To be sure, such a large and fast drop has rattled investors. So, what’s behind this sudden pullback—and is it likely to continue? Spotlight on Trade War The drop was triggered by a renewal of […]

6 Ways to Make a Tax Refund Work for You

Mark Kutzke By | On March 5, 2019

6 Ways to Make a Tax Refund Work for You ¬ Whether we like it or not, tax season is upon us. And as millions of us scramble to file our tax returns, we are likely motivated by the prospect of a refund check that will arrive in our mailbox or bank account a few […]

Important Legal Documents for College Students

Mark Kutzke By | On October 1, 2018

As summer turns to fall, flocks of recent high school graduates leave the nest and head off to college or university for the first time. Their parents are faced with a wide range of emotions as they watch their children prepare to spread their wings as independent young adults. Until the students demonstrate sufficient maturity […]

Understanding Risk

Mark Kutzke By | On July 19, 2018

What you probably already know about risk Even though you might never have thought about the subject, you’re probably already familiar with many kinds of risk from life experiences. For example, it makes sense that a scandal or lawsuit that involves a particular company will likely cause a drop in the price of that company’s […]

Are You Making These Security Mistakes With Your Smartphone?

Mark Kutzke By | On April 25, 2018

It’s tough to remember how we managed our daily lives without smartphones. How did we get around town without quick access to Google Maps? Pay our bills on time before we had credit card and banking apps? Or let someone know we were running late without text messaging? Because completing tasks on smartphones is so […]

Fact vs. Fiction: Tax Bracket Threshhold

Mark Kutzke By | On December 6, 2017

We understand that it can be tricky navigating the world of personal finance. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and it can be hard to know what to believe. Following is another myth in a series created as a way to present and debunk some of the most common financial myths. . Fiction: If you’re on […]

Is The Cloud Secure Enough For Me?

Mark Kutzke By | On October 3, 2017

Have you ever used Dropbox or How about web-based mail, like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or Hotmail? If you consider that all of these are clouds—as are most Google apps—it’s hard to find an Internet user who doesn’t have some information in the cloud. As cloud-based services become more prevalent, you might be wondering: Is […]