Investor360°® Mobile App Now Available

Mike Mallak By | On November 30, 2015

There’s now an even better way for you to stay up to date with your accounts while on the go: a new Investor360°® mobile app for smartphones and tablets. The app puts an executive summary of your accounts right in the palm of your hand, so you can check: Account and cash balances Cash balance […]

Smart Cards

Mike Mallak By | On October 14, 2015

Many of you have been receiving new credit cards in the mail recently to replace the ones in your wallet.  These new cards have a handy new feature to combat fraud.  On the front of the cards is small computer chip which will slowly begin to replace the old method of swiping the magnetic strip […]

How the Fed Raises Rates

Mike Mallak By | On September 15, 2015

You’ve likely heard over the past few years that the Federal Reserve is “going to raise rates”, but what does this mean?  The Federal Reserve, or just “the Fed”, occupies a strange space in the American economy.  As the banker’s bank it is an independent entity from the federal government but is still subject to […]

Get the Ball Rolling … Snowball Debt Elimination

Mike Mallak By | On August 3, 2015

“I’d like to be debt-free”.  This is a goal we often hear from clients and is also one of the most satisfying goals to reach.  Between mortgages, auto loans, student debt, credit cards, etc. the list can get long and the amount can be overwhelming.  A good way to attack multiple debts is with a […]

Roth 401(k) – An Option to Consider

Mike Mallak By | On June 18, 2015

The Roth 401(k) is becoming an increasingly common option in workplace retirement plans.  There are a few very distinct differences between the Traditional (pre-tax) 401(k) and the Roth 401(k) options that can provide great benefits when reaching retirement.  Most, but not all, employees would benefit from taking advantage of the Roth option.  It is important […]

Where Will My Assets Go?

Mike Mallak By | On April 16, 2015

What will happen with my assets when I pass away?  This is a simple enough question but has become increasingly difficult to answer. Some may assume that “all my assets will go to my spouse” but this is not always the case. A careful review of beneficiaries, titling, legal documents and the probate process can […]

The Dollar Today

Mike Mallak By | On January 29, 2015

Earnings season is in full swing with some of the largest companies in the U.S. reporting results, giving forecasts, and commenting on both tail and head winds.  For many multinational companies a strong U.S. Dollar has been putting a squeeze on profits.  Companies from Apple to Caterpillar to Proctor & Gamble have all commented on […]

Oil’s Dramatic Fall

Mike Mallak By | On December 15, 2014

In recent weeks many of us have been the beneficiaries of a swift fall in the price of oil.  As the price of oil has hit levels not seen since 2009, gasoline prices have likewise dropped to the lowest levels in four years.  This is coming at great time for consumers as we are in […]

Blink and You May Have Missed It

Mike Mallak By | On November 3, 2014

Over the last month, the stock market has taken us on a true roller coaster ride.  This means we have had frightening down days and exciting up days but, like a real roller coaster, we have ended nearly back where we started.  The correction we experienced in October was the largest of the year thus […]